Modeling Best Practice: Student Voices, Teacher's Voices

4/29/2006 01:23:00 pm

In a recent conversation I had with the folks in our school division's Educational Technology Department I learned that they're putting together a 5 year educational technology implementation plan. Apparently blogging will play some part in it. They called me up to ask for 3 to 5 suggestions for outstanding, exemplary blogs. My reply? That's not easy!

As we talked about it we realized we should probably distinguish between blogs like this one (a teacher's voice) and class blogs (students voices).

I have tried to avoid posting about "my favourite blogs" because I am confident that I will succeed only in overlooking someone and possibly offending someone by not including their blog. And to be perfectly honest, there is so much diversity in blogging style, content and they ways in which this tool is used that I find it virtually impossible single out such a small number. So I thought I'd throw out an appeal to the collective wisdom of the edublogosphere. What are your top three blogs in each of these two categories: Student Voices and Teacher's Voices. Please leave your answers in the comments even if someone has already made the same choice(s). I'll aggregate the results and share them with everyone. Thanks.

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