Senior 1 Math Blog

11/03/2005 12:12:00 am

Erin Armstrong teaches grades 9 and 10 math at our school. Yesterday I introduced her to Furl and Blogger. Today, while most of her grade 9 students were participating in Take Our Kids to Work day, she started her own classroom blog, S1 Math. It looks beautiful and Erin's personable touch immediately comes across loud and clear in the way she writes. Yes! Another math blog in the blogosphere!

Erin is one of the most creative teachers I know; I look forward to seeing how she mixes the technologies together. This'll definitely be a blog to watch. Drop by and leave her or her students a comment -- I know she'll appreciate it.

Yesterday she said she'll start with just the grade 9s. Today she told me she discussed blogging with her grade 10 class. I think we'll have yet another new math blog before a week is out. ;-)

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