Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Don't Throw Out the Powerpoint with the Blogwater


Since I posted about my upcoming presentation this Friday I've noticed people commenting how excited they are about using a blog as a presentation tool. I am too. One of the best posts I read about this is here. (If you don't read French copy the text and paste it here.)

People seem to be excited about having another way to give a presentation other than using powerpoint. Alan Levine and others have often commented that powerpoint presentations often degenerate into the presenter reading the slides -- we can read, thank you, no need to read it for us. But look at the way Laurence Lessig uses powerpoint in his lectures. This one has become a classic.

Laurence's presentation style is having a real impact on his audience. Watch this presentation on digital identity by Dick Hardt.

These dynamic examples show how to effectively use powerpoint to deliver a powerful message. They also make the prospect of doing a powerpoint presentation exciting again.


Amerloc said...
21/10/05 08:11  

Wow. Talk about presentations that are more than the Powerpoint.

(I did have to chuckle at the Google translation... they're getting closer, but they're not home yet)

Guite does indeed suggest some interesting aspects of the blog as presentation tool.

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