Future Reflections

5/08/2005 04:58:00 pm

My original plan when I started this blog was for this to be my "thinking out loud" space; part of my professional development. As I get caught up with other issues, like the great fun to be had at Carnivals, I find I'm not getting around to the kind of reflections I was hoping to dialogue with other teachers about. So, as a way to encourage me to "stay on task" and get help with some of the things I'm struggling with I've decided to post a list of reflections I've been meaning to blog about. Kind of like my blogging to do list. In no particular order, some future reflections I plan to get out:

  • »My students wrote the AP Calculus AB exam last Tuesday. On Tuesday we'll go over the long answer questions and I'd like to get their feedback on:
    • »Did we do enough work using our graphing calculators? Did we do enough without?
    • »We're they well enough prepared for this exam? Did I go too easy on them? too hard?
    • »What were the best learning experiences they had in our class this year? The worst? What should I do more of? less of?
  • »I love teaching but the corrections are killing me! Multiple choice questions are easy to grade, hard to make up. What would be a good balance between getting tests marked fast and giving students the opportunity to get part marks using more extended response style questions?
  • »What shape will blogging take in my classes next year?
  • »How will I adapt using our Wiki Notebook to next year's classes? Should I use the same prompts? new ones? How shall I structure the wiki for the long term?
  • »I did some great projects with my classes last semester. We haven't done any this semester. Again, the time required for corrections hangs around my neck like an albatross. There's tremendous educational value in these projects but selfishly, it takes time away from my personal life. How can I strike a better balance here?

Enough. I've got plenty to think about for the next little while....

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