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5/12/2005 09:29:00 pm

Here it is, the long promised podcast Bud and I did. Go get a cup of coffee or tea and sit down for while, we go on for about 30 minutes. ;-)

This was a real experiment for us. We were both experimenting with Skype and it's my first foray into using Audacity. We had a great talk and learned a lot about the technology at the same time.

I'd suggest leaving this window in front of the one that will open for the mp3 file you're about to hear. That way you can follow along with the links below which are arranged in the order they were discussed. I hope you find this as much fun to listen to as Bud and I had making it. Either way, let one of us know your thoughts, questions, concerns, comments, complaints, compliments, confusions, anxieties or any good jokes you've got to share. ;-)

The Blog Pod

Show Notes: The Blog Pod

Blogging on Blogging

Where Have We Heard This Before

The Difference Between Now and When

Seize The Time!

Bouncing Around

Students Wiki, Teacher's Wiki

Mr. K. I Have a Question....(^_^)

Alan November's Webcast


Writing HTML

Thanks for listening.....

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