#WhileWalking 44: Blogging doesn't have to be text

12/03/2014 12:40:00 pm

A while back I promised myself I'd start sharing my #WhileWalking vids here too. Thanks to a gentle push from my friend @amyburval I've begun ...

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  1. I've loved your vlog posts for a while now... Nice to see them here.
    I too have blogged far less recently, but something I have been doing more of is creating images to conver my ideas. Problem is, this often slows me down even more.
    I really appreciate your While Walking and can tell that you put thought into them. Not sure if many others would see video as easier than writing, but that could change over time.
    Cheers! ~Dave

  2. “It doesn’t have to be text...” Genius!
    This is the first video blog I have seen. As a visual learner, I default to the written word because it gets through mental learning barriers and I can return to it if distracted. The same practice is possible with online lectures and video blogs. Therefore, in addition to sharing your reflections as a teacher, you are engaging me as a student in a way that embraces how I learn. Thank you.
    You also mention the value of sharing what you are thinking in small snippets. In a fast-tracked world that only seems to be gaining momentum, that makes sense. Oddly, when I am doing homework, I go to social media for a mental ‘palate-cleanser’ and find those snippets of sharing from others. They invoke some type of thinking or emotional response, my mental gears have rested, and I return to the work at hand refreshed. When one reads gazillions of pages of “the literature” every week (honestly, Gazillions!), snippets are a good thing.
    The video blog is also very personal. Who knew? Words carry so much more depth when accompanied by inflection and expression and even the context of environment. Those secrets that authors hide can peek out between words through a microburst of expression that a reader will never see. As scary as they are, I am beginning to see why authors hold book readings.
    Moreover, perhaps memes are a bit overdone, but sometimes they are just right. My alter ego is most certainly Snoopy. If you can picture him typing on top of his dog house with a large yet almost empty cup of coffee (which someone else had to drink as he has no memory of drinking it), that is me … working on a doctorate in adult education and dreaming of the next Walter Mitty-like mental adventure. Yes, it doesn’t have to be text …