Sunday, November 09, 2008

And "Portable Learning" For All


The value of Wikipedia is becoming harder and harder to contest. This particular remix of Wikipedia (5500 articles, 20 volume encyclopaedia, 34 000 images, and 20 million words) should be downloaded by school and burned to dvd for every teacher and student to take home in their pocket.

And while you're at it, for your own professional development read what Wes has to say and download the entire K12 Online Conference (3 years worth of high quality PD) to carry around in your iPod. Take it in on the bus, or any time you have a free moment; maybe over coffee in the staff room. If you have a video iPod you could share it with a few of your colleagues.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia by flickr user Octavio Rojas


Mark Ahlness said...
9/11/08 13:15  

Darren, thanks for posting these great ideas. Both are on my to do list!

I did have one thought on the Wikipedia edition, though. It appears every single link in the school edition is local. So this edition now joins the ranks of all those dated, static conventional encyclopedias, hmmm...

For just getting information out there (and free!), it's a great start, but I think it deserves a second look, in terms of what it says about sheltering vs teaching/learning in the real, here and now world. - Mark

dkuropatwa said...
11/11/08 00:36  

Aye. That's the rub. Information isn't static and anything on CD is static. It might be interesting to find a volatile entry and have students compare and contrast the differences over time with the static version.

In any case, it's a cool thing to be able to carry around in your pocket, no? ;-)

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