Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fractals for Darren


Darren Draper dropped by, left a nice comment, and included the observation that the place needed a little fractal beauty to spice it up a bit. This is for you Darr!

Photo source: Natural Fractal Mosaic by flickr user dkuropatwa


Darren Draper said...
6/10/08 10:18  

I love it!

I used to do an assignment where my students would take pictures of Geometry concepts. They would then throw the pictures in a PowerPoint. Nothing like the pros do with Flickr ;) but this was before I knew that Flickr even existed.

Along the lines of fractals, I found that my students always liked to see pictures of digital camouflage - which is a small scale application for fractals. This page is sweet, for example, for showing jets and buildings with and without digital camouflage.

Amazing stuff.

Adrian Bruce said...
10/10/08 02:10  

Oh I do so love it when people start talking fractals :)

Check out some software I use & a piece of digital story 'questioning' that the kids created here.



Darren Draper said...
23/1/09 10:45  

Not sure if you saw this yet, but this page is FULL of math:

Start by showing the kids this new TED talk about calculus and architecture, continue with the satellite images of earth, and WOW!

Learning about learning ...

While walking ...
Best viewed "full screen." (Click on bottom right corner of any video when playing.)

With pictures ...
Best viewed "full screen." (Click on bottom right corner of any image when playing.)

Curating discoveries ...

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