Students Rock! the Pan Canadian Literacy Forum

4/14/2008 11:07:00 pm

Chris and I were invited by Cheryl Prokopanko, along with six of our students, to participate in a panel presentation at Canada's first Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum.

Preparing for today led to a collaboration that involved introducing my students to, where we shared our evolving presentation slide decks in a space where we shared access, and several skype calls with Chris.

Cheryl opened the presentation with an overview of Manitoba's new Literacy in ICT curriculum continuum which has evolved over the last several years (next year is the first year implementation is required by all schools in the province). It began with this video ...

Then Cheryl introduced Chris and I and our students. Chris and I bookended the kids presentations. Chris made some opening remarks, I made some closing remarks (actually, it was an invitation). But the highlight of the entire event was the kids. They so rock! Watch and see ...

... and it continues with my students, then me, here ...

We ended off with a question and answer session (Podcast: 16.8 Mb, 27 min. 55 sec. Now available as a slideshow with photos from the presentation) which you may find interesting. Some of it is hard to hear but there are some really great moments; like when one of the grade 8 students explains texting to a 63 year old member of the audience.

When it was all over the kids were swarmed by people who wanted to chat with them and hear their thoughts. Chris and I hung back and just left them to soak up all the well deserved accolades they collected. Each kid spoke for about 5 minutes and each kid must have spent over 5 hours preparing for it; and it showed. Chris and I are so proud of them.

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