Questions About Blogging in the Classroom

11/11/2007 10:46:00 pm

About two years ago I was interviewed by Robyn MacBride as part of her research for her Masters thesis which was about blogging in the classroom. Her adviser, professor April Luemann, contacted me last spring to let me know she and Robyn had shared the results of their research at a conference in Chicago. It was a real shot in the arm for my students to see the slides where their words were held up to be exemplary edublogging.

This week April contacted me again. She and another student of hers are presenting at another conference. They've been focusing on edublogging in science classes and came across a number of references to me and my students work. April asked if I'd be willing to answer a few questions for their research and presentation at the conference. I said yes and that I wanted to reply in a public way where others might also have an opportunity to share their views. So, I created this voicethread.

I don't claim to have all the answers; these are just my answers. Please add your own as well directly on the voicethread or in the comments to this post.

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