Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Manitoba Edubloggercon: Our First Ever!


Clarence, Chris and I have been talking about this for a while and last night decided to make it happen. We may be a small community but we can do BIG PD just by getting together for some good food, folks and fun. Most of this is mirrored from Clarence's blog ... it may be time to start a new SAG (non-Manitobans, see link below). ;-)

Live in Manitoba? (or going to be in Winnipeg?)

Are you an edublogger or an edublogger lurker?

A big province and a small community of bloggers.

Time for us to get together.

Many people are in Winnipeg for the SAG conferences (if you aren't from Manitoba, don't snicker, we didn't come up with the name) on November 23rd so we think that is a perfect time to get together.

A basically blank wiki has been set up here looking for ideas. These things we know:

  • » November 23rd
  • » Winnipeg
  • » Do you have a suggestion for a place? Leave your thoughts.
  • » What about a time? Do we want an afternoon or is happy hour/evening better? You decide.

The wiki has no password set so edit away and if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, get in touch with any of us. Contact info on the wiki.

You can reach me at: dkuropatwa [at] gmail [dot] com

Hmmm ... y'think we need a badge or something?


Dean Shareski said...
2/10/07 14:22  

There's a chance I may be in Winnipeg for a conference at the same time....I'll let you if I am...would be jacked to get together!

Darren said...
2/10/07 14:37  

That would be awesome! This is going to be a great time for everyone who takes part!

Mandy Roberts said...
9/10/07 05:47  

The best time would be an afternoon.

Ryan Maksymchuk said...
9/10/07 11:10  

Darren...great idea! Unfortunately I've committed to offering a SAG session in my classroom this year (which I'm sure will be fun), but I'd be happy to be part of something web-based for a while on that Friday. I could 'bring' some attendees, perhaps...It may actually tie together what we're doing up here in Swan River...My session is called an 'Unpresentation' for teachers to use some time to develop and learn some web 2.0 type skills...

As ever,


Darren said...
9/10/07 11:21  

Mandy, go ahead and add your details to the wiki. After K12 Online is over we'll start thrashing out the details of the MB Edubloggercon. ;-)

Ryan, that sounds like a neat idea! Add it to the wiki and let's see what grows out of it. ;-)

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