Monday, March 26, 2007

Missed One Found Another


We had a blast!

We brought along another family of five. Our baby was in the trekker and I didn't wear boots ... a big mistake in wet, melting snow, overcast weather.

The first cache was a multicache (we had the coordinates to the first clue which was supposed to point to a second clue which then points to the final cache). We found it pretty quickly but I forgot how to decode the second line of the message: B 349 T

I later learned it meant "bearing 349° from true north." We missed it by 5 meters! We're going back tomorrow. ;-)

The second cache we also found fairly quickly but it was a micro cache and we didn't know that we were holding it! I looked it up online and ran back to open it and log our visit. The clue that set me off was the description of the cache as something a "muggle" would overlook but to a geocacher it would stand out ... made me think of a "portkey". We logged the visit in the log book and online. The cache owner emailed me within a half hour with congratulations and to welcome us to the sport of geocaching.

This was so much fun I can't wait to go again. If we can we'll squeeze in a hunt this afternoon but if not we're going again tomorrow.

This has given me some great ideas for next year's Mystery Coin Hunt. ;-)

I also have a new podcast to listen too. If you geocache you may be interested in


Acacia Dixon said...
26/3/07 15:42  

Glad you enjoyed your first cache! Check out the website we have created for educators in NC, lesson plans included!

Darren said...
24/4/07 16:51  

Thanks for the link acacia. ;-)

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