A Really Smart Board

1/12/2007 12:06:00 pm

I just can't get enough of the TED conference: exploring the intersection of great ideas from diverse disciplines. That's where all the greatest future innovations will come from.

Watch this. Google Earth is passé when you can access NASA's databases and manipulate them visually just by dragging your fingertips across an "interface-free," touch-driven computer screen.

Where does stuff like this come from? .... mathematics research. ;-)

9 minutes 31 seconds

Best line: "With initiatives like the $100 laptop ... I kind of cringe at the idea that we're going to introduce a whole new generation of people to computing with this standard mouse and pointer interface."

Just imagine what teaching will look like when these are in all our classrooms. A Smart Board doesn't even come close ... and I can't wait to get a smart board. ;-)

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  1. Imagine a room full of iphones that go with this!

  2. TED webcasts have become my new downtime. I no longer find TV shows interesting. Jeff Han's demo just goes to show that the education system is so far behind. Keep up the great blog, I have been reading it for a while without commenting.

  3. Anonymous12/1/07 16:47

    Dave, I feel the same way. Why waste time watching television when you can learn from some of the world's brightest people doing some of the most exciting things. Every webcast I watch opens my eyes to new possibilities.

    I think the best gift I could get would be a paid invitation to TED:

    Current Price: $4600 US
    Value: priceless ;-)

  4. Yes, the Iphone uses a similar interface and is elegant. But if you watch steve jobs, his presentation really communicates. Useful comparision to the typical powerpoint presentation with huge number of bullets.

  5. Hi Darren,

    That line you quoted made me think of "if they have no bread, let them eat cake" comment, that I just found out is wrongly attributed to Marie Antoinette (who knew). Anyway, that screen is really a neat idea, but I haven't seen anybody using it yet. Until they can give one to every kid, I'll be happy if all the kids can get those $100 laptops (besides, they can't be that bad, they're supposed to be Linux based :)).