Sunday, October 22, 2006

This cheered me up ...


Thanks John.

The story.


Pilly said...
22/10/06 10:14  

Thank you for posting something so positive! This really made my day. We are so caught up in our busy lives that we forget how important the little things are until something happens in our lives that show us just how important those little things are. I have a son serving in Iraq (he left September 15, 2006), so this really brought tears to my eyes. Thanks again!!!!!!

Mark Ahlness said...
22/10/06 12:06  

Thanks a million for sending this on. The whole piece reminded me of a simpler, more direct, and a more directed - time. A few decades ago - gosh, I'm reminiscing here, excuse me... reminded me of somebody I knew back then. Wonder where he is now?

Mr. H said...
22/10/06 12:38  

Thanks for posting this.

April Chamberlain said...
22/10/06 21:15  

Wow! I love the impact this video had on me! It definately makes you think twice about how you live your day around others. More hugs will be given more frequently from me. Thanks for sharing!

maria said...
10/11/06 01:18  


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