Bud & I: The Back to School Edition

9/04/2006 09:10:00 am

Bud and I got together on Friday September 1 to do what we hope will be the first in a series of podcasts for this new school year. We talked about how our use of blogs and other online social tools is evolving and what our plans are for the new school year -- it's our Back To School Podcast. We talked for about 45 minutes and had a good time bouncing ideas off each other. Give it a listen and add your ideas into the mix.

In this podcast I talk about my plans to begin using a new blogging service for my class blogs and my motivations for doing so. After talking with Bud I looked into the new updated Blogger (currently in beta). All my new blogs will be using Blogger Beta. Also, listen for a "special announcement" right at the end of our talk. ;-)

The Back To School Podcast (46.2 MB, 48 minutes 7 seconds)
[streamed audio]

Show Notes
Darren's new class blogs (Pre-Cal 30S (Fall '06), Pre-Cal 40S (Fall '06), AP Calculus AB 2006-07)

Darren's old class blogs (Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '06), Applied Math 40S, AP Calculus AB)

James Farmer


Richard's scribe post

Ewan McIntosh

Ewan's June workshop (I know I said July -- I made a mistake ;-) )



AP Calculus blog



Blogger beta (new)




www.educationbridges.net/elgg/ (Everyone makes mistakes, ;-) )

Dave Tosh

Bill Fitzgerald


Will Richardson

Building Learning Communities 2006


Clarence Fisher's post: network administrator

The Mentorship Project

Othello movie in Warcraft (Bud's student)


Rocky Mountain News

Pachelbel Canon - on guitar

You Tube

Marco Torres

Marco's keynote @ BLC 2006

The World is Flat

Students made this... (safe blogging guidelines)

Steve Lazar

K12 Online 2006


Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach


Bud's Blog

Darren's Blog

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  1. Anonymous4/9/06 05:56

    I think Blogger Beta is an excellent choice. When I was still hoping to use blogs for my senior math course, it was Blogger Beta that I decided on using. It's so much simpler to set up compared to its old self and other blogging services. But, with Beta, the students will not be able to leave comments on the older Blogger.

    Have a great school year!