Wednesday, September 14, 2005

25 Carnival of Education


Check out the latest Carnival of Education: The 32nd Edition. It's hosted by Ms. Frizzle, a middle school science teacher from the Bronx.

The theme of this week's Carnival is "The First Day of School." Lots of good reading! I submitted one of my posts too. If you write an education related blog consider submitting one of your own posts for the next Carnival.

Mathematically speaking, 32 is a very interesting number!

24 = 42 = 16

16 is the only number with this property, namely, where exchanging the base and exponent results in the same number. 32 has two 16's!

More than that, it can be written as a power whose base is the only even prime number, as well as the first prime number (2), and whose exponent is the third prime number (5). If you multiply five 2's you get 32! (25 = 32)

This Carnival is shaping up to be a prime event. Very exclusive. Attended by only the most interesting characters! Don't miss it! ;-)

(Ahhh! I LOVE the smell of math in the morning!)


Bud Hunt said...
14/9/05 15:58  

Wow. Head. Spinning. Seeing two of everything. Lots. Of. Twos.

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