Curious Things at the Muddiest Point

4/06/2005 10:49:00 pm

I wish I could work in the same building as Alan Levine. Not only because I think he's a brilliant teacher but also because he's regularly involved in facilitating exciting and innovative professional development opportunities for educators.

Two days ago he blogged about a Dialogue Day on Learning Objects, Wikis, And Other Curious Things; a full day workshop on learning objects. That particular post is rich with links to learn from. I clipped a copy of it in my Bloglines account and still haven't finished reading through all the facinating things Alan points to. Each link I followed lead me down a rabbit hole of curious things to learn about.

Alan invited Brian Lamb from the University of British Columbia to lead the workshop. One of the coolest things Brian did was to set up a wiki with a page titled MuddiestPoint: "our mid day check in on what participants want to learn more about." Sometime during the morning sessions the workshop participants all had a chance to edit that page. Brian then addressed those issues in the afternoon sessions. It's not just the content that's amazing, it's the medium!

Another reason I like Alan Levine is that he likes Canadians. ;-)

Alan and Brian are two teachers making a difference .... I wonder if we could get them to come to my school .... what a great day that would be!

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